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Contested Divorce

Legal consulting and limited scope services with Contested Divorce Cases in Los Angeles

Most people want an uncomplicated divorce that allows them to just move on with their lives. Unfortunately, an amicable divorce is not always possible. Sometimes, despite the best efforts of each spouse or partner, the issues are just too complex and the disagreements too severe to be able to find a resolution through negotiation, mediation or collaborative divorce.

If your divorce is more complicated — if you and your former spouse or partner are embroiled in disagreement, if he or she is not being honest about finances or is manipulating the process in order to inflict emotional pain — you need the help of a highly experienced contested divorce lawyer and mediator.

Los Angeles Divorce Attorney and Mediator Michael H. Nathans has acted as a limited scope attorney and a consulting divorce attorney for hundreds of clients who need to protect their rights in court, and their financial interests in the division of marital assets. Mr. Nathans has 25 years of experience advising and consulting with clients in California divorce court in Los Angeles County and has proven trial skills. When you need legal guidance, help and strategy planning for contested cases in divorce court contact our Los Angeles law office to schedule an initial consultation.


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Proving Your Case in Court

The most commonly contested divorce issues are the division of marital assets and debts, child custody and spousal and child support. In order to advance our clients’ interests in these areas, it is sometimes necessary to bring in experts to review the situation and provide an opinion. When hired as a consulting attorney Mr. Nathans develops a legal strategy unique to every family law divorce case from the very beginning.

Marital Assets

A question that may arise in the division of marital property is whether something is a marital asset (community property) or a separate asset that does not need to be divided. We may also need to get a proper valuation of an asset. As an experienced contested divorce lawyer and mediator we have access to accountants and other financial experts to give an opinion on property and assets.

Child Custody

When child custody becomes an issue in a contested divorce, we work with child custody evaluators and child psychologists to look at parenting strengths and family relationships. This may be particularly important if a client wants to prevent the other parent from leaving the state with the child. Parental relocation and child move-away situations are increasingly common.

Financial Responsibility

Another problem that can occur is if one spouse is self-employed and improperly reporting their income. The spouse may under-report income, misuse business income for personal uses, or falsely report expenses. An accountant may be needed to present the court with a more accurate picture of the finances of the business.


The first step is hiring the best lawyer/mediator.

Whether it's divorce, child custody or child support, clients benefit from Michael Nathans' expertise in family law and his dedication to helping individuals and families successfully and cost-effectively resolve their family legal matters.

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“He owns his reputation for being reasonable, to-the-point, a high code of ethics, and able to close the deal diplomatically but in court he demonstrates a command of the language and process.” - Larry B.

five star rating

“I must say that hands down, Michael Nathans is certainly a top notch Family Law Attorney. He is very passionate, professional, experienced and extremely skilled at what he does. His counsel and expertise have proven to be so very valuable.” - LaTescia E.

five star rating

“Michael Nathans has advised me on various personal matters over several years. His office is extremely good at taking complex and often emotional issues and resolving them in a favorable, timely and cost effective manner.” - C. K.

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