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Nathans Family Law APC | Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Los Angeles Divorce and Family Law Attorney and mediator with over 25 Years’ of Experience

Nathans Family Law, APC is committed to providing individuals and families with limited scope services, consulting services and mediation services to address and resolve family law disputes. We understand how challenging your situation can be. Family law attorney and mediator Michael H. Nathans uses his vast experience and knowledge to provide clients with education, advice and solutions to minimize conflict and legal expenses.

Personalized Legal Services from an Award Winning Family Law Attorney and mediator.

Attorney and mediator Michael Nathans has 25 years’ of extensive experience in Los Angeles County family courts and helping hundreds of individuals and families successfully resolve their legal issues.  Michael H. Nathans will mediate your case and offer creative solutions to reach a final resolution thereby avoiding court.  Michael H. Nathans also offers family law consulting and client-coaching services for individuals where mediation is not an option.

Many families involved in legal disputes cannot afford the time and/or expense of taking a divorce, child support or custody case to trial. We offer our clients a better option. Michael H. Nathans has  decades of experience in family law mediation and negotiation of settlements and solutions out of court. These are faster, less costly options and often yield superior results because both parties have agreed to the plan.   Michael H. Nathans will help you avoid the destructive “win-lose” structure of going to court.

A BETTER CHOICE for you and your family

Nathans Family Law, APC can handle and resolve any family law matter, from a simple uncontested divorce to complex property division cases and high-profile modification of child custody cases. Michael H. Nathans has represented and assisted professional athletes and celebrities as well as limited income individuals and families. We understand the issues that must be addressed and we work with discretion to help you achieve a resolution. If your legal matter requires the help of experts — doctors, accountants, child psychologists or parenting plan coordinators — we can help with referrals and recommendations to talented and caring professionals.


Paternity, custody, visitation and support issues | Nathans Family Law, APC

Convenient, cost-effective and quick legal assistance

Most of our clients prefer working with Michael H. Nathans remotely via telephone and/or internet to reduce expenses, alleviate strain on job and family commitments and of course to avoid sitting in traffic.

Our remote communication platform allows for easy transmittal of legal documents and court filings. In fact, many of our clients reside and work outside of the City of Los Angeles, including other California counties, other states and even other countries.  While in person consultations are rarely necessary, they are readily available as needed.

We provide expert consultation, advice, strategy planning and document preparation services on a convenient, cost effective and collaborative remote basis.


Traditional litigation, where each side hires their own attorney to battle the case from start to finish, is often a very long process and frequently leaves both sides emotionally and financially drained, as well as unhappy with the overall outcome decided by a disinterested judge. For many clients, mediation is a better choice than traditional litigation.

During mediation, we discuss all your issues, needs, priorities and concerns in a neutral and supportive environment. Michael H. Nathans will meet with both parties and facilitate negotiation, offer options, explain the law and help the parties find workable solutions so the issues can usually settle in a timely, more cordial and less costly manner — without the animosity, expense and uncertainty of court litigation. As a mediator, Michael H. Nathans can also prepare and process settlement agreements with the court.

Limited Scope Services

Limited scope services, often called unbundled legal services, are another economical option for Michael H. Nathans to help with your family law dispute. Mr. Nathans can be retained in a limited capacity to provide his expertise and guidance for specific issues, and/or specific legal tasks that a client desires help with – instead of being retained for an entire case. Examples of limited scope services include:

  • Prepare family law documents and forms to start or respond to a divorce, child custody matter, child support matter, paternity action and all other family law matters
  • Assistance with strategy and/or coaching for your family law case.
  • Help with certain more complicated issues where the stakes are high such as child custody, while the client handles easier issues themselves.

A major client benefit of limited scope services is the ability of the client to manage his/her own litigation budget (by doing some of the case work themselves) and retaining Michael H. Nathans for more difficult tasks and/or significant issues. Clients pay only for the legal services they want, when they want them. Our pay as you go business model offers considerable flexibility and provides clients with more control and financial certainty about attorney fees and court costs.

Consulting attorney

Another option to manage your expenses – while also keeping your name on court pleadings as being self-represented, also known as pro per – is to engage Michael H. Nathans as your consulting attorney and legal advisor relating to family law matters. As a consultant, there is still an attorney-client relationship and confidentiality. Examples of consulting services provided by our office include:

  • Legal analysis and assessment of your family law matter to identity legal issues and inform the client of his/her rights and options.
  • Legal advice, direction, strategy planning and information so as to achieve the client’s goals and objectives and protect her/his rights.
  • Assistance with case management and preparing and filing necessary court documents.
  • Assistance with helping the client negotiate a settlement.


Michael Nathans is ranked among the top 1% of USA lawyers

Selected as a member of the Nation’s Top One Percent of Attorneys by The National Association of Distinguished Counsel (NADC).

Michael Nathans is rated a top family law attorney by Super Lawyers

In recognition of his superior legal ability, Michael H. Nathans has been named a “Super Lawyer” and ranked in the top 5% of all California lawyers by Los Angeles Magazine every year since 2012.

The first step is hiring the best lawyer/mediator.

Whether it's divorce, child custody or child support, clients benefit from Michael Nathans' expertise in family law and his dedication to helping individuals and families successfully and cost-effectively resolve their family legal matters.

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What Clients are Saying

five star rating

“He owns his reputation for being reasonable, to-the-point, a high code of ethics, and able to close the deal diplomatically but in court he demonstrates a command of the language and process.” - Larry B.

five star rating

“I must say that hands down, Michael Nathans is certainly a top notch Family Law Attorney. He is very passionate, professional, experienced and extremely skilled at what he does. His counsel and expertise have proven to be so very valuable.” - LaTescia E.

five star rating

“Michael Nathans has advised me on various personal matters over several years. His office is extremely good at taking complex and often emotional issues and resolving them in a favorable, timely and cost effective manner.” - C. K.

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