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Same-Sex Divorce and Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships

Los Angeles Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer AND MEDIATOR

California provides legal recognition for the relationships of same-sex, gay and lesbian couples, whether married or if they have registered their domestic partnership with the State of California. Such same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships bring a variety of rights and obligations and it allows couples to access California family courts for dissolution in the same way heterosexual couples can access the court for a divorce. A dissolution of domestic partnership or a same-sex marriage will take into consideration all of the same issues that are addressed in divorce:

When you need help with a dissolution of domestic partnership or a same-sex marriage in Los Angeles, contact our law office for an initial consultation. You will receive prompt, responsive and compassionate legal help.


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AN ADVOCATE for the LGBTQ Community

Nathans Family Law APC is proud to be a legal leader and advocate for the LGBTQ community having provided legal services to LGBTQ clients for 25 years.   Few attorneys have as much experience as Mr. Nathans in helping gay and lesbian families resolve their same-sex dissolution and domestic partnerships.  As a divorce attorney and mediator,  Michael Nathans is committed to helping clients achieve a dissolution agreement that meets their needs, goals and allows them to move forward with their life.

Legal Challenges for Same-Sex Couples and Domestic Partnerships

New areas of law — such as those affecting same-sex couples — often require time and test cases before they are fully developed. There may be issues not yet settled which increase the chance an issue might need to go to trial to be resolved.

Same-sex couples and couples in domestic partnerships who are not married face unique legal challenges when it comes to a dissolution, division of property or child custody battle. Mr. Nathans has decades of experience mediating same sex divorces and dissolution. Mr. Nathans is available as a consulting attorney who can advise you of your rights and offer settlement options.


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Whether it's divorce, child custody or child support, clients benefit from Michael Nathans' expertise in family law and his dedication to helping individuals and families successfully and cost-effectively resolve their family legal matters.

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five star rating

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